#454 – Nearing Hearing Loss?

I wear hearing aids, which are not any fun, nor do they fully replicate the sounds that I have lost. They’re also expensive, and they require maintenance. It’s so much easier not to have to use them.

I was at an HOOM event, where I met Rahim Ghanbari, an audiologist who works in North Vancouver. We had a brief discussion about the excessive volume that one encounters in public spaces, such as restaurants, malls and swimming pools. I expressed my concern that the volume was exceeding recommended allowances, going so far as to threaten to wander around with a decibel reader, if I could rent one.

“There’s no need to rent one,” said Rahim. “Just check out an app called Decibel 10th.”

I did, and I installed it. I’ve used it a few times, and I’m not surprised by the readings.

Why not use your decibel reader to see if you agree with the title of this show on CBC’s Q: Are restaurants too noisy?

The Wisequacks, two doctors who impart medical information with humour, have written iPods Are Music To Your Ears. I particularly like the blade of grass analogy that is used to explain how the hair cells in the inner ear are impacted by noise.

In case this post has you clamouring for more, here is Mike Goldsmith on the History of Noise.

What would your answer be to this question that was asked on CBC’s Spark: We Asked the Question: Noise?

Finally, on Hearing Loss and Stress, I compare the similarities between stress and hearing loss.


5 Comments to “#454 – Nearing Hearing Loss?”

  1. It’s hard to go to see a movie. One person said the volume knob is easy to see outside the door of his theatre and he turns it down.
    I’ll have to look for that app you mention

  2. That song is one of my all time favourites and brings back a lot of memories. Thank you.

    I wish that you had posted this when I was having mighty battles with my father and his hearing aids!

  3. No. And when I had to raise my voice, he would complain that I was being angry!!

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