#464 – Stepping Out + a Giveaway

I’ve said it aloud, many times. I’ve also said it here. Your feet can and do hurt – a lot – when you have rheumatoid arthritis.

I’ve had surgery, which has made a huge difference, not only to how my feet feel, but also to how they look. No more permanently hooked toes for me!

But not everyone wants surgery, nor is a candidate for it. What to do with those achy feet, especially if you don’t always want to wear those orthopedically-sound, but not so fashionable, shoes? (Fortunately, things have come a long way in the shoe (and foot) department, since I was first diagnosed.)

Christian Johannsen, at Foot Solutions, in Vancouver, B.C., has the answer, and is generously offering a giveaway of one pair of Slimline Orthotics. These orthotics will give you the opportunity to step out in shoes that match your outfit, rather than shoes that look better with work-out wear.

Oh, you’d like to know more. I thought you’d never ask! 🙂


The SlimLine foot orthotics from Foot Solutions ($159.00), are made by using a 3D cast of your feet. They’re designed to easily slip into dress shoes, ski boots, cleats, rollerblades and more. (Yes, when your disease is well-controlled, you can skate and ski, and dance the night away!) In addition, Foot Solutions also carries a full range of shoes and sandals to accommodate your orthotics and your feet. (As a bonus, you’ll meet the great people who work there!)

Here’s how to enter:

  1. To enter the giveaway, complete the following sentence: My feet are ____________.
  2. Entries must be received by midnight PDT, on Sunday, July 6, 2013.
  3. In order to enter, you must be able to visit the Foot Solutions store in Kitsilano, at 2620 West Broadway,Vancouver, B.C.
  4. For extra entries to the draw, let’s get social:
    – On Twitter share the following: I just entered a #giveaway for a pr of #Orthotics from @AuntieStress, thx to @FootSolutionsBC. Enter here: http://wp.me/p1OifR-26e.
    – On Pinterest share a comment or repin the giveaway on my Giveaways Board.
  5. One winning entrant will be drawn from a hat. You will be notified via email. Your name will appear here, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

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11 Comments to “#464 – Stepping Out + a Giveaway”

  1. My feet are a size 10 and I take VERY good care of them because I LOVE to go walking and any additional foot support would be wonderful!!!

  2. are going to be very happy if I win the orthotics from Foot Solutions via Auntie Stress!

  3. my best friends. They always take me wherever I need to go no matter how tired or sore they are. If I want to dance they never say no! My feet have always been there for me and now I want to start taking care of them because I love my feet!

  4. My feet are my only transportation. I don’t drive and forgot how to ride a bike. Because I’m on them all the time, it would be great to have some proper support.

  5. made for dancing and walking with my dog. New orthotics would make them ( and my dog) very happy!

  6. My feet are always sore.Some time it hurts to much to walk and that is my only mode to getting around

  7. My feet are flat. And I always have lower back pain. 🙂 I think these would help!

  8. My feet are hard workers! They are also wide and a size 9-10 (depending on the shoe) in womens. I don’t drive – I walk or take transit everywhere – and as I’m also a Pet Photographer – they get put through the paces every day photographing peoples treasured pets (from canines to equines & even wildlife) as well as rescue pets up for adoption! I also have a very active 3 yr old nephew I love to spend time with as well! New orthotics would def. make a huge positive impact on my MTCD riddled feet while I’m giving them a workout and make my job and daily life so much easier and a LOT less painful!

  9. My feet are tired of feeling sore, they don’t want the arthritis to win, they want to run, walk, dance and play and “Stepping Out Orthotics” could make that happen 🙂

  10. Thank you for taking the time to enter. The winner of the orthotics is …………. *drum roll* ………….. Natalie!

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