#470 – The Painless Game

painlessgameFrom time to time, my body responds (negatively) to barometric pressure changes. I experienced one of those moments yesterday morning.

As I had arrived early for my bimonthly lab work, I decided to use the time to work on my knees, which were protesting the change in weather.

Here is how to play The Painless Game:

  1. If you like, before you begin, you can use the Pain Scale or words off this list to establish a base line.
  2. Notice your internal representation in relation to the pain you are experiencing. This is how you interpret (filter) external events, or in other words, it is how you perceive what is going on in your world. This generates a feeling, which in turn, influences your physiological responses.
  3. State your goal in clear, colourful and descriptive language.
  4. Feel (believe) that it is achievable.
  5. When you are first learning this it is often helpful to close your eyes.
  6. Check how you are breathing. (I can teach you other techniques.)
  7. Instill feelings—not thinkings—of love, peace, joy, etc. (Here is where you throw in heaping helpings of your values.)
  8. Now, using your values and as many senses as you can, recreate your internal representation. What does it feel like to move/walk/dance freely? How does this fit in with your values? Stay focused on this picture for as long as you can. Stay away from the p-word. (I am loath to even say it, because the mere mention of that word changes your internal representation back to what you don’t want.)
  9. Finished? Check in with yourself – see Step #1. Is there any change? At first, it is often very subtle – so imperceptible that you might miss it, or worse, make the decision not to do this as “it doesn’t work!” Remember that practise makes perfect. Be the person who continues to practise this, even if the results are not noticeable the first ten or twenty times. Your nonconscious mind is going to work for you. Integration takes time. Integration takes practise. (Babies instinctively know this when they are learning to walk. Adults can sometimes forget that falling is part of learning.)

As for me – playing The Painless Game for those five minutes resulted in a dramatic change – one that made it easy to get out of the car. (If you have RA, you know what that is like!)

Note: This is a process that I consistently work on – one that I will continue for the rest of my life. Why? For the simple reason that it works! (When I consider what the alternative is, I’m even more motivated to continue with this lifestyle change.) Email or call 604-507-9970 to learn more about the programs that are available through Auntie Stress. Discover all this, and more, in a just-right-for-you learning program, which can be conducted in person, over the phone, on Skype, or on Google Hangouts. Subscribe to my newsletter and receive tips and information about special offers.

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4 Comments to “#470 – The Painless Game”

  1. Hello Marianna ~ I agree with Cathy! And I’ll bet the Painless Game would also work to take the edge off anxiety. Enjoyed your helpful post.

  2. It’s a great game. With some persistence it should really work well!

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