#476 – Eat Something Live at Every Meal


A market somewhere in France.

Maybe your diet needs to be over-hauled. Maybe it’s just too overwhelming to make the profound changes you know you have to make.

But what if you started to make small changes – ones that serve as a leap pad, leading you to success after success? There are times (and reasons) why going gung-ho with a lifestyle change may be the precursor to failure.

Here’s a little tip to get you eating foods that are more nutritionally fulfilling. Develop a guideline for yourself – one that includes eating something live at every meal. No, I don’t mean something that wiggles, shakes or squirms. I’m talking about adding some fruit or vegetable, preferably freshly-picked, to each meal. The more you do this, the more you develop your taste buds, and that’s always a good thing.

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2 Comments to “#476 – Eat Something Live at Every Meal”

  1. Another great tip for everyone!

    I know if I get away from having some salad and/or fresh fruit every day I start to feel terrible.

  2. Marianna,

    Eating a fresh fruit or vegetable at every meal feels like something so easily doable – thanks for this healthy tip!

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