#488 – Have Dog, Will Travel

When we bought our current vehicle, our previous dog had the seat in the very back of the car to himself. It was the perfect place for Murphy. He was built like a football player – his broad chest meant that he was contained in the back of the car. There was no way that he could squeeze through the opening in between the seats.

Murphy in the dog seat

Murphy in the dog seat

Holly, being of slender build, is easily able to either squeeze between seats, or hop over the seats. (Oh to be so nimble!) She has even chewed through seat belts – she’s one determined girl!

So, we ended up getting one of these dog barriers.


It kept her in the dog seat, but it is far from being a wrist-friendly device. Whenever I cleaned the car, it involved a lot of twisting, both for me and my wrists. (Those bolts are not easy!) So, I tried many things to find the just-right barrier. A crate would be ideal, but when I put it into the car, my vision was seriously hampered.

This past spring, one of the local municipalities had a clean-up, as they do every year. It’s a dream for anyone who is an avid recycler. On one of our dog walks, I found my solution.

Holly in the Car

“Are we there, yet?”

Someone was throwing out a baby crib. I immediately saw the potential. Maarten kindly shortened the legs for me so that it easily fits into the car. A bungee cord keeps it secure. Now, all I have to do is paint it black, so it doesn’t look exactly like what it is. But then again, it is what it is – something to keep my baby safe. 🙂


3 Comments to “#488 – Have Dog, Will Travel”

  1. Love it! You have such a great way of seeing the potential in things (& people & four-legged friends for that matter!) what a great way to spare the twisting & turning of your hands, send an ‘after’ pic once it’s painted 🙂

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