#526 – Tea for Sore Eyes

My eyes were bothering me. They were sore and itchy. I remembered something my mom suggested to me when I was still in high school.

Boil water. Immerse two tea bags in a cup. Pour out the water. When the tea bags are safe to touch, wring them out, get comfy and place them over the eyes. You may wish to put a towel around your neck to catch any dribbles. Enjoy the rest for fifteen minutes, or so. It’s a perfect time to do some stress techniques.

Ahhhh, that feels better. Mother did know best!

Antioxidants, including tannin, help to constrict blood flow, shrink swollen tissues and soothe irritated eyes.

I was in a darkened room when my husband quickly glanced at me. He wondered when I got the round sunglasses. I’m sure you’ll agree that round, whether in eyeglasses or tea bags, is not a good shape for me!


4 Comments to “#526 – Tea for Sore Eyes”

  1. I thought those were cookies at first. LOL I may try that for the fun of it.

  2. The cookies not the teabags. 🙂

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