#527 – Take Regular Doses of Humour Medicine

Laughter is medicine. Chronic pain can break your funny bone, so it’s important to get a regular dose of humour medicine where and when you can.

Patch Adams, the real one upon whom the movie Patch Adams was based, recognized the value of humour in treating patients, or in his terms, “people”.



While I don’t have coulrophobia (fear of clowns), I certainly don’t like them. Apologies to Patch and Gary. That’s one type of medicine you’d have to hold me down for, which could very well lead me to develop coulrophobia if that happened!

According to neuroscientist Sophie Scott, on the Ted Talk, Why We Laugh, laughter is always meaningful. Here’s some fascinating insight on laughter:



For the record, the pool stunt did not make me laugh. I could feel that pain. It’s simply not my type of humour.


Open wide – and laugh

YouTube is my go-to place when I need a quick fix of humour medicine.

Here are a few that have me laughing:




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One Comment to “#527 – Take Regular Doses of Humour Medicine”

  1. I thought Sophie Scott Scott was amazing. Maybe at least 1/2 as humorous as Matt Damien and Bill Murry.

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