#543 – 3 Hacks to Survive Hand Surgery

It’s been 7 weeks since I had surgery to repair a ruptured thumb. The surgeon reassures me that I am on target with my recovery, even though, at times I question whether I will ever get full use of my thumb.

I knew that for a number of weeks I would be down to using one hand, so I prepared in advance by doing the following:

#1 Put elastic laces into my running shoes. (My dentist, who had surgery for carpal tunnel, wished someone had told him to do this. I can credit my hip surgery requirements for this little tip.)

#2. Squeezed some toothpaste into a small jar.

#3. Purchased an easy-to-grip sanding sponge from the hardware department of the dollar store to make it easier to file my nails.

2 Comments to “#543 – 3 Hacks to Survive Hand Surgery”

  1. Hey i like the sanding paper. If I i did my nails I would get me some cool sandpaper. Oh heck I might get some anyway.

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