#575 – Live Better with RA – Tip #10

Photo courtesy of Isandréa Carla. Pexels.

Tip #10 – Live Your Life

Shift your focus so that it’s not always on your RA. This can take some work, as RA has a way of demanding your attention. You have RA, but don’t let it have you.

I find that livingeatingbreathing a chronic illness such as RA, is similar to what happens when you start pulling on the knots on a tangled necklace. Things tighten. Stress happens. The more I focus on the pain and limitations that RA has exacted, the worse I feel. I even tried identifying with the Spoonie Movement, last year. It was not for me. 

Make time to place your attention on other people, places and things, especially ones that make your heart sing. This can be the way out of suffering.

It’s important to listen to what you need, so that you can dance through your life with RA. Life is not a one-dance repertoire. Sometimes, you’ll be kicking up your heels, other times, all you can master is a slow sway to the music. Your dance. Your rhythm. Your life.

Accept, adapt, adopt, learn, change grow. Work on this to make your life that much better. 

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2 Comments to “#575 – Live Better with RA – Tip #10”

  1. This is the tip I agree with the most. I know more people who cannot unfocus on RA or Diabetes and it eats them alive. We are after all multidimensional humans. I refuse to be one thing alone, in health or sickness.

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