ART is Moving!

ART—short for A Rheumful of Tips—is moving. I’m glad that something is moving during these days of limited mobility. (Speaking of mobility, which is an oft-used phrase when you live with a chronic illness such as rheumatoid arthritis. I’m happy to report that I’m moving fine – well, as fine as can be expected with joint replacements, fusions and wonky joints.)

Back to the topic of moving. The globe-trotting Jana Meerman has done an excellent job of updating and reorganizing my Auntie Stress website. Check out Jana’s wonderful travels here. She is now in the process of moving ART to its new home on Auntie Stress. It looks so much better. Hmmm…how are you at haircuts, Jana? 😉

If your blog needs a new look, or if you need help getting your website up and running, contact Jana for a quote. She has that invaluable artisitc eye and the ability to intuitively organize and develop a site that suits you and your message.

I also plan to do some creative writing, which will be found under this heading: In My Nature.

You’ll eventually find all my ART posts there, as well as tips on how you can address and undress your stress. Remember, it’s not just stress. There is nothing just about it. Stress transformation is an on-going process; one that gives you the ability to cope during tough times (like a pandemic). It also helps to reset your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Don’t wait for a condition to change in order to feel better. Learn to feel better and change your conditions. Contact me for coaching (one-on-one or group), workshops and DIY programs.

My new series, created in response to COVID19, can be seen here:

Thanks for your visits here on ART. I look forward to seeing you on Auntie Stress.

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