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December 18, 2018

#560 – Even More Gift Ideas

More posts mean more gift ideas. Rather than sending you back to #493 More Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Who Have Arthritis, I’ve updated the list with even more gift ideas for loved ones with arthritis or mobility issues. There are suggestions here to suit every budget.


  1. Elastic or curly shoe laces.
  2. Bracelet Helper.
  3. If you’re buying clothing, consider the weight of the garments. Also, the ease of opening and closing buttons or using zippers.
  4. Shoes, such as these from L. L. Bean.
  5. Light-weight purse or wallet.
  6. bathing suit from L.L.Bean.
  7. Spray-On pantyhose.
  8. Dry-cleaning or laundry service vouchers.
  9. Three piece pajama set – a hot flash helper. As I discovered, a post-surgery helper, too.
  10. A multi tool – jewellry, zippers and button helper.
  11. wristlet to carry your essentials.
  12. Here’s another wallet option.
  13. This wallet converts into a fanny pack.
  14. Travel with a silver lining – a light-weight purse.
  15. Use this to make putting on necklaces a snap – a click!
  16. Sore feet? How about some orthotics?


  1. Adhesive side view mirrors.
  2. Interior rear view mirror.
  3. A key bumper.


  1. Kitchen and garden tools that are light-weight and have large easy-to-grip handles, such at this Bypass Pruner from Fiskars.
  2. Telescoping trowel.
  3. Hose connector.
  4. Watering Can.

Exercise and Hobbies

  1. Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain.
  2. Hula hoop.
  3. Rolling back pack for exercise gear.
  4. Uplifting reading materials, such as From Chopin and Beyond – Part 1 and Part 2.
  5. Light-weight books or an e-reader.
  6. Gel pens.
  7. Battery-operated eraser.
  8. Magazine subscription.
  9. Movie gift certificate.
  10. Prepare and freeze some meals or goodies to be used on those days when energy is waning.
  11. Exercise DVD, such as When You Hurt All Over.
  12. Exercise balls.
  13. Books, and more books.
  14. Meet a character with RA in And the Mountains Echoed.
  15. Mesh bag for toiletries.
  16. For the beach-goer: water shoes with velcro.


  1. Heavy non-slip floor mat.
  2. Small tray.
  3. FootstoolLaundry HelperFootstool.
  4. Pillows: Feathering My Nest – Part 2Not Only for a King.
  5. Purchase and install grab bars for the shower or tub area.
  6. Rubber bath mat.
  7. Install a handicapped toilet.
  8. Battery-powered scrubber.
  9. Telephone headset.
  10. Dictation software.
  11. Office chair.
  12. Fiskars Paper Trimmer.
  13. Shower curtain.
  14. Vacuum.
  15. Basket.
  16. A firm, supportive recliner: Nodding OffMy Perch.
  17. Zip-it Opener for Blister Packs and Clam Shells.
  18. My readers offered up some great suggestions to help put an end to duvet wrestling.


  1. China mugChina MugsHow it’s Handled Makes a Difference.
  2. Food processor.
  3. Pressure Cooker.
  4. Vegetable Peeler, such as this one from Starfrit.
  5. Jar Opener: Starfrit Mightigrip Jar OpenerThe Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench.
  6. Electric Potato Peeler from Starfrit.
  7. A Starfrit electric Salt and Pepper Mill.
  8. Electric juicer.
  9. Egg Slicer.
  10. Apple Wedger.
  11. Electric can opener or an electric jar opener.
  12. Light-weight dishes.
  13. Knives.
  14. Clothes pins.
  15. Scrub brush.
  16. Folding Stool.
  17. This piece of rubber makes peeling garlic easy.
  18. Jar of dry ingredients and recipe for baked goods.
  19. The right kind of pastry blender to do more than make pastry.
  20. An electric jar opener.


  1. Nutcracker.
  2. Have wheels – Double Duty LuggageRoll In, Roll Out,
  3. Shopping bag carriers.
  4. Travel mug.
  5. Consider contracting a service that can make light of difficult chores. For example, a housekeeping service such as Capital House Cleaning, a gardening service or car cleaning service.
  6. Prepare and freeze some meals or goodies to be used on those days when energy is waning.
  7. A copy of Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis by Lene Andersen.
  8. A gift of your time to help with whatever needs doing – laundry, clean the windows, vacuum, wash the floors or tidy up.
  9. Arrange an outing. You do the driving.
  10. Do you have an idea for a unique tool? Consider talking over your idea with Maarten Meerman to see if he could make it for you.
  11. emWave ® Personal Stress Reliever : My Givens and a Giveaway. I have these in stock. Please email me at for further information. (*emWave and Personal Stress Reliever are registered trademarks of Quantum Intech, Inc.)
  12. Tea to help quell those sweet cravings, or to soothe your senses.
  13. Collapsible water bottle.
  14. Gift card to a flotation tank. *Check first that they are able to get onto the floor, or into a tub.
  15. Chronic Christmas by Lene Andersen.

Personal Care

  1. Long-handled shoe horn.
  2. Dental floss wand.
  3. Easy-to-use shower curtain.
  4. Scalp massage/shampoo tool.
  5. If the person is travelling to The Big Island of Hawai’i, a session with Sarah-Lynn Joy.
  6. Stool/Cane.
  7. Dosettes: Large and Small.
  8. Anti-Swan Neck Deformity ring.
  9. Neck Brace.
  10. Hot packs or ice packs.
  11. Small Flashlight: Light the NightRoll Away Flashlight
  12. Portable John and Jane.
  13. Portable toilet seat.
  14. Massage Tools.
  15. Tennis Balls.
  16. Scalp Scrubber.
  17. Shoe Grips.
  18. Heel Care Cream.
  19. Toe Nail Clipper.
  20. Gloves: WorkSurgical.
  21. Reacher.
  22. Self-care can be difficult – manicure, pedicure or a massage gift certificates, such as one from The Body Mechanics Massage Therapy.
  23. Rolling backpack.
  24. Walker.
  25. The right kind of tweezers.
  26. When you don’t have access to an ice-pack.
  27. These cleaning wipes for glasses would make a great stocking stuffer.
  28. Support for that aching back.
  29. Use this device to squeeze out toothpaste or any product that comes in a tube.
  30. Physicool helps to cool those hot joints.
  31. Lens CPR.
  32. Even buttons and zippers can present a challenge in the midst of a flare-up. Help is on the way!
  33. Put together a foot soak pampering kit.
  34. Helichrysum essential oil for bruises.
  35. Headache Relief Serum.
  36. Long-handled lotion applicator.
  37. Stress coaching. (I have many options available. Email me to find the just-right one.)


  1. A raised food and water bowl set.
  2. Ball Launcher.
  3. Nail clippers for the dog.


  1. Folding Stool.
  2. Telephone headset.
  3. Dictation software.
  4. A second mouse.
  5. Office chair.
  6. Fiskars Paper Trimmer.
  7. Gel pens.
  8. Battery-operated eraser.
September 23, 2013

#482 – Not as unattractive as a fanny pack


I have a Baggallini wallet that converts to a purse or a fanny pack, dependent upon where you clip the strap.

If I’m flying somewhere, I usually convert it to a fanny pack.

My essentials – passport, money and phone – easily fit into this roomy, lightweight wallet. Since it’s not too big, it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to one’s waist – thankfully! Even though this is more attractive than a fanny pack, I’m not guaranteeing that one day you won’t see an X’d out picture of me in a fashion magazine under the “Don’t do!” category. 😉

Occasionally, I turn it around and use it for lumbar support; I  know that my belongings are safe, if/when I drift off to sleep.

When I arrive at my destination, my fanny pack becomes a wallet once again. I place it into my purse with the silver lining, and I’m ready to roam! 🙂

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Oye! Oye!

Only 18 more posts to go before the doors close on A Rheumful of Tips. You’ll want to enter the 3 confirmed giveaways. (I’m working on a 4th one.)

August 14, 2013

#475 – Pfizer’s First RA Blogger Summit – Summary

PfizerMaterials (2)

It was a full day; one that not only encouraged interaction, but also fostered new connections.

A large part of Pfizer’s First RA Blogger Summit focused upon Pfizer’s unbranded Rethink RA website and kit. In business terms, unbranded means not carrying the brand name, although in reality, when you peruse the materials, you do get that Pfizer feel. 🙂

The focus of this campaign is to provide the patient with tools to help open a meaningful dialogue with their rheumatologist, thereby improving treatment outcomes.

The team from Twist Mktg and Pfizer facilitated discussions and solicited opinions from our small group in order to fine-tune their campaign.

Some of the suggestions that were presented included:

  • giving people the option of downloading the RethinKit (currently you wait for snail mail to deliver it to you).
  • providing more scientific data on the website. (Speaking as Auntie Stress, I think that most newly diagnosed patients are already reeling from the diagnosis. Throwing in scientificese—not to be confused by lawyerese—can add fuel to the fires of confusion. An alternative would be to place this information deeper within the website.)
  • ensuring that the rheumatologist is aware of this program. (Some rheumatologists may feel threatened.)

Pfizer wanted to know:

  • if we had ever visited a pharmaceutical website for information.
  • if we have ever spoken to a representative from a pharmaceutical company.
  • what is missing in the conversations we’ve had with our doctors.

When the patient is given a strategy to help them prepare for their appointments with the rheumatologist, they are able to take back some control over what seems to be a situation in which there is none.


Pictured above, is Chef Seamus Mullen, along with the other bloggers who were in attendance at the cooking demonstration at Haven’s Kitchen in Manhattan: Angela – Inflamed: Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Britt – The Hurt Blogger, Cathy – The Life and Adventures of Catepoo, Dana – At the Water’s Edge, Leslie – Getting Closer to Myself, Lisa – Brass and Ivory – Life with MS and RA, Seth – Creaky Joints (missing from photo) and Shannon – I invite you to visit them to read about their perspectives of living with rheumatoid arthritis (and in some cases other conditions).

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Disclosure: travel and lodging expenses for Pfizer’s First RA Blogger Summit were covered by Pfizer.

July 6, 2013

#466 – Travel with a silver lining


“Hmm.” That was the sound of me, musing. “Which purse shall I take when I travel to New York City for Pfizer’s First RA Blogger Summit?”

It didn’t take me long to choose my tear-drop shaped, micro-fibre purse with the silver lining.

This purse has a lot going for it, especially if you are going travelling.

The features I like:

  • pockets and more pockets, both inside and out
  • light-weight
  • wide, adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
  • washable
  • silver lining so you can find stuff!

Mine is by AmeriBag , but you can also find something similar at L.L.Bean.

Do you have a favourite purse that you use for travelling?

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