Who’s behind this, anyway?

Who is this woman out standing in this field?

  • My name is Marianna – Marianna Paulson!Mariannainmeadow14
  • Introverted, but not shy.
  • I love puns and hope to get better at them.
  • Slapstick? Nope, not for me!
  • I get cranky when I’m hungry or tired. I believe the term is “hangry”.
  • A dash of nature each day restores me.
  • Books, home-cooked meals, surprises – big or small, a pet, plus living near water and a swimming pool are all non-negotiable.
  • Dark chocolate has become a recent addition to my diet.
  • I believe that when people feel better, they do better. Being Auntie Stress is my way to make the world a little bit kinder.

An invitation

Please feel free to comment on theses posts and to share your own suggestions for managing pain or making life a little less challenging.

I am available to speak to your group. Swimming Through Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis concludes with the Sensational Seven – seven guiding principles that allow me to live my life well, despite that thing called rheumatoid arthritis. Call or email for more information.

When you’re ready to address and undress your stress, I’m here to help you. Read what Lene Andersen has to say about her experience in working with me – Learning to Undress My Stress.

The fine print

All posts are copyrighted. If you like what you read and are interested in reprinting a post, I thank you to ask permission, stating how and where you would like to use it. Links from your blog or website are also appreciated.


Telephone – 604-507-9970

Email – info@auntiestress.ca

Website: Auntie Stress

The Connective Issue Newsletter: Sign up here. Information, tips, special offers and giveaways in a mostly monthly newsletter.

Twitter – @AuntieStress

LinkedIn – Marianna Paulson

9 Responses to “Who’s behind this, anyway?”

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts. Your breadth of personal experience and the tips you create are so varied, they give us such a neat insight into your world. Despite the limitations you sometimes outline, you seem sprightly enough as you lightly and lovingly share your tidbits, which seem to come as a natural extension of your AuntieStress work. Your blog posts are not only easily digestible in terms of length, the tips are practical and highly readable and I look forward to being surprised every day.

    • Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and also for being part of my “team”.

      Here’s to surprises! May they bring sprinkles of joy, dashes of hope and seeds of wellness.

  2. You had me at “dark chocolate”. Great tips for getting the body moving – ALL bodies – mine included, so thanks for the reminder.

    Kuddos, kiddo! Keep ’em coming!

    And, just as a side note, did you know that dark chocolate looks an awful lot like mulch? Or, more to the point, mulch looks like dark chocolate?

    I’m just saying……


  3. Thanks, Nancy.

    I never would have made that connection re. dark chocolate and mulch. 🙂

  4. Marianna: Thanks so much for the exciting news that I won the LL Bean mocs. I am really thrilled. I also wanted to thank you for your encouragement about my upcoming foot surgery…I have been so nervous I have nearly cancelled many times. I just saw your comment today and it helped so much! I would love to hear more about how you handled the whole deal when you got home. I work full time on the second floor of a building so it will be interesting to say the least. I can work remotely for several weeks so that will help. I have purchased a Knew Walker/scooter that should be great and I have tried to get all kinds of things done in advance…the surgery is June 7th. I just had my first cataract surgery last week and the second is May 1. I need both feet done but I am doing one and the other in about 9 months…any tips, suggestions, etc. would be VERY welcome…thanks. Nan
    feel free to email me at nmhart14@aol.com

    • Hi Nan,

      You’re very welcome. I love my Comfort Mocs. Just wait until you get into them with your “new” feet!

      On the right-hand side of my blog, click Categories, then Surgery to see all the posts I’ve done in regard to what I do to prepare for surgery.

      If you have some specific questions, please email them to me and perhaps I could turn them into posts which will help other people.

  5. I am enjoying your blog. Although we are not auto-immune “sisters” we are cousins! I am a lupus patient, blogger and advocate and have been thrilled to find your blog. You have a great wealth of very helpful information and topics valuable to anyone with an auto-immune illness. LA


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