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May 21, 2012

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

I was delighted when Christian Johannsen of Foot Solutions in Vancouver, B.C., asked me to write a guest post. Of course, as a lover of idioms, I just had to reference feet, which do take a beating, even if you don’t live with rheumatoid arthritis. Like your feet, I hope the ten tips provide you with a foundation to help you walk through life

Please stroll, stride or sidle on over to Rheumatoid Arthritis: Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

Image courtesy of T. Young.

October 29, 2011

When Three Legs Are Better Than …

… two!

I often find standing still more difficult than if I were to keep moving. It is especially torturous on the feet, but can affect the ankles, knees, hips and back.

Even when rheumatoid arthritis is not active, its effects can still be felt, especially if your toes are dislocated or your ankle joints are collapsing. The feeling is akin to throwing a few marbles in your shoes and then standing or walking around in them.

When I anticipate a long line-up, I sometimes bring this collapsible three-legged stool with me. The weight is manageable, if I have to carry it for a bit.

My only recommendation, and that is because I have longer legs, is that the seat height be a little higher. This was of concern when I was recovering from my hip replacement and wanted to obey that important 90 degree rule.

October 23, 2011

“How Can We …?” People

One of the banes of rheumatoid arthritis is that you are forced to do things differently because of the havoc the disease wreaks on your mobility. It may mean modifying certain activities or tools; in other words, finding creative ways to use the things you do have – including body parts!

I am fortunate to have several friends who are quick to ask, “How can we …?” whenever they hear of a struggle I’m having with trying to adapt something to work with my physical conditions.  They look for reasons how it can work, rather than why it can’t. This let’s-figure-this-out-and-make-it-work attitude is refreshing and motivating for me.

A big heaping helping of appreciation for you, my “team” members – the “How Can We…?” people!

Did you know that when you activate genuine feelings of appreciation with heart based techniques, your heart rhythms smoothen out? This is a powerful stress undresser – one that is beneficial for everyone!

Image courtesy of Cecile Graat.

October 6, 2011

Getting Bagged from the Bags?

A trip to the grocery store can be tough at the best of times.

Lately, I’ve noticed that the produce section is littered with the shredded, ripped and torn carcasses of plastic produce bags.  I thought it was just me who had trouble removing the bags from the rollers! Either there are more people with joint problems than I surmised, or the industry is not doing a good job of quality control.

It results in an indifferent shrug, when I mention it to the staff.

It’s time to be proactive.  I’ve been using cloth bags since the 80’s – ahead of my time, aren’t I? 🙂  So, it’s not a big stretch to reuse those produce bags.

I have a system. If the bags that I bring home aren’t too messy, they go into my cloth bags, ready for another use.

Why struggle with trying to rip the bags off the roll, then struggle, yet again, to open them?

It means some pre-planning, but that’s something that has been sharply honed in this life that is accompanied by rheumatoid arthritis.

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