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January 24, 2014

#500 – That’s All She Wrote!

MariannaPaulsonWell, I made it – to 500 posts, but more importantly, to this point, where I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth. The type that accounts for bubbles of optimism that help to keep me afloat and well.

I’ve learned that it is crucial to cultivate a mindset of health and well-being. One which includes not only physical health, but emotional, mental and spiritual health, as well. It took a lot of work to get to where I am today, but it is worth it – the alternative, which I experienced and shared on Hope, as 2014 Awakens, is one crop not worth growing. I am thankful for that experience, because it reinforces my decision to continue rummaging around in my toolbox, using trusty and sometimes rusty tools, or going out to find new ones.

Special mention goes to the following people, my most frequent commenters, retweeters, pinners and Googe+’rs: Marilee Allerdings, Lene AndersenArthritisBC, S. EmersonGrannymarBeth HaveyLess Stress JessAnnette McKinnonRamana, Senior Service BC and VancouverAirBnB. Support came winging from south of the border, thanks to my #SummitFriends Dorlee M. Jackie Yun and Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the rest of you who were compelled to send some of my posts into cyber-space, landing where they were needed.

Then, there are my readers who took time to leave comments, participate in giveaways, or expand a post by sharing tips or information. You can find some of those tips on Readers’ Roundup of Resources 1 through 6. Thank you!

A big round of applause and thanks to Pfizer for the fantastic opportunity to take part in the inaugural RA Bloggers Summit. Without that event, I don’t know if I would have ever made the trip to New York City. In addition to seeing the sights and sounds of NYC, I made a new friend, and had a chance to meet with my #SummitFriend, Dorlee M.

I was tickled pink that Lifescript chose some of my posts to include on their website – Hollywood Calling, How to Make RA Patients’ Home Life Easier, Set Your Alarm Clock to “Intention” and A Traveling Companion to Love: Collapsible Water Bottle. The interview I did with Lori was both fun and informative. A big thanks goes to Diana Bierman, formerly of Health Monitor, for including me in their Arthritis issue. There’s a standing ovation for Carrie Gadsby at The Arthritis Society, B.C. and Yukon – not only was her interview heart-warming, but it also forged a personal connection that went beyond the written word.

Wow! Two awards from! Your encouragement enabled me to reach 500 posts, even when I didn’t think I could. I also heard some cheering from S. Emerson and Lene Andersen. Thank you. It was an honour to be twice nominated for Healthline’s Best Health Blog contest – in 2012, I was voted into 11th place. Thanks to the support of a number of friends, acquaintances and some strangers, too, I made it into 5th place in 2013. I feel pretty darn good about that!

From 366 to 500 posts, I wrote to an additional twenty-eight businesses and companies asking for giveaway products. Thanks to the generosity of Lene AndersenThe BookmanKaty BowmanDanierSteve FisherFoot Solutions – VancouverRowan LiivamägiPhysicoolPurses with PowerShelton Interactive and Stash Tea, I was able to bring you eleven more giveaways. Please check out #365 – Au Revoir, Not Adieu for a list of the other companies who wanted to make your life a little easier. I hope you’ll consider supporting them, as they have supported us.

Although there will be no new entries here, I will continue to post over at Auntie Stress Café. I hope you’ll join me over there. You will find posts about stress, humour, and life with rheumatoid arthritis, with the occasional foray into creative projects. Oh, and giveaways, too! If you missed it the first time around, you’ll have a second chance for the Zip-It Opener. At the bottom of my website, you can sign up for my newsletter, too.

These last words belong to Kathrin Hardie – ART would never have existed in this form without her push to take it from its original 33 Tips to 365, and then, on to 500. She has been the quiet tour de force in the background – supporting me in the tech area, saving my butt from some of those gaffes that occur from time-to-time, and providing unwavering encouragement and friendship. I benefitted by her steadfast business acumen, which in some way is a complement to how I move through this life with rheumatoid arthritis.

I have rheumatoid arthritis, but it doesn’t have me!

Marianna Paulson Garden City Park

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