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September 5, 2012

#352 – Knives

When you have rheumatoid arthritis, the handle of your knife is as important as a well-sharpened blade. I don’t own the knives that Annette is describing on her blog. However, I do have a number of knives with handles that are of different thicknesses.

My favourite knives are made by OXO –  under the Good Grips label. The  soft, cushioned rubber handle fits comfortably in my hand, and because it’s made of rubber, it provides a better gripping surface than many other knives.

As we slice through time, these knives have had a good workout. So good, that I’ve had to replace two of them.

Unfortunately, there has been a change in the design. Compare the handles of the older and newer models in the picture, below. Apparently, the newer knife on the right has been on a diet.

Dependent upon your needs, and how your hands are, see if you can hold the knife—if it’s not mummified in packaging—and mime slicing and dicing to see how it fits and feels.

If you go to a yard sale and see the old style of knife, will you pick up one for me, please? 🙂

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November 29, 2011

Help with the Long and Curlies

I was rummaging through my travel toiletries bag (wishful thinking) and came across a petrified tube of mascara. Further inspection revealed a lash comb. However, it wasn’t the comb that got me so excited.

Can you guess what did?

Compare the handles on these two lash combs. (If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that the thicker handle is much more desirable.)

The mascara was tossed, but the brush/comb was cleaned up and ready to be primed! 🙂

October 25, 2011

How It’s Handled Makes a Difference

In an earlier post, I talked about using China mugs because they are pretty light-weight.

There’s another consideration, regardless of the type of mug you get. It’s the handle.

This type of handle puts a lot of pressure on already weakened joints:

I look for mugs that allow me to grasp the handle with four  fingers. Like this


There’s that small advantage that Terry was speaking of in Bunny Ears vs Round-the-Tree.

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