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July 4, 2019

#574 – Live Better with RA – Tip #9


Tip #9 – Learn to Listen to Your Body

What do you need? Rest? Better nutrition? A walk in the park? A good laugh? A heart-to-heart with a friend?

Identify and honour your needs. It’s an important aspect of self-care. Stress can hamper your ability to hear what your body is asking for. When you learn to quiet the cacophony that is stress, you are better able to listen to the quiet murmurings of your heart. If you fail to heed them, you might find that your body turns up the volume. You may experience more discontent, pain and negativity that detract from a life well-lived.

Tune in to your needs. They are often quite different from your wants. For example, I often reached for a sugar fix when I was feeling sluggish. I now know that I sugar-coated what I really needed, which was a nap, or at the least, a restorative time-out.

Get in the habit of tuning in to your heart and asking for what you need. Shhhh! It’s often a very quiet voice that speaks to you. Remember, it may be shy, especially if it is unused to being heard! 🙂

Read how my body “spoke” in a dramatic way in the Emergency Room.

Work to build a relationship with yourself. (Stress coaching can help sharpen this skill. Contact me for more information.)

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June 2, 2012

Packing Heat

Inflammation means heat. It also means pain and restricted movement.

Rheumatoid arthritis has taught me to listen to what my body needs.

Sometimes, I’ll find that instead of ice, it’s heat that feels better.

My mom made me a number of different-sized oat-filled packs which I heat up in the microwave. Since there is a lot of moisture in the packs because of our proximity to the ocean, I usually zap it for three minutes. Then, I test it before I use it. (When I lived in central and northern Canada, I would only put the pack in the microwave for two minutes.)

The long, skinny pack works well for a stiff neck and the large, rectangular one  is great for the back.

You can also make heat packs using unpopped popcorn.

If you don’t have an oat pack, check the instructions on your gel pack. Many of them can be served up cold or hot! 🙂

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