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April 16, 2012

All Wrapped Up

Sometimes the very things you want to do, like opening a door, may seem as tightly tied up as the proverbial governmental red tape.

Here’s another suggestion from Maarten Meerman. In addition to being an all around problem-solver, he  is a rocket scientist by day, and a woodworking genius in the evenings.

Wrap this product around your problem, and get a handle on, well, handles, door knobs, and any slippery thing you need to turn, twist or grip.

Image courtesy of Marcel Hol.
March 17, 2012

Slow Down Chow Down

You’ve likely heard that it takes time for your stomach to signal the brain that you are full. That’s why the experts advise that you slow down while you chow down.

One of the tricks you might employ is to start using chopsticks while you eat, especially if you don’t typically use them.

Another option is to use your non-dominant hand.

Either way, by doing things a little differently, you’re getting the benefit of activating some new neural pathways.

Here’s a photo of some ergonomic chopsticks. However, if you’re looking for wooden chopsticks that are both a work of art and ergonomically designed, I’m sure that Maarten Meerman would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Image courtesy of Melanie Martinelli.

December 23, 2011


Elevate those plates of meat whenever possible, hopefully, preventing you from getting into Barney Rubble.

Let me explain …

A number of years ago, we met someone from the U.K., who explained how Cockney Rhyming Slang worked. Basically, it has to do with words that rhyme with the actual word that you want to say. Originating in Victorian England, it’s uncertain whether it was intentionally used to hide its meaning from the law or outsiders, but users have to be knowledgeable about the references made within the rhyme.

I don’t want you to get you into trouble with your feet, so I’ll remind you that a footstool is an important piece of furniture to have, whether it be at work or at home. Elevate those feet when you need an apéritf*.

(*That last one was my version of Rhyming Slang: relief.)

Santa has outsourced his work to a certain workshop found right here, in British Columbia. If you’re looking for a custom-built footstool, such as the one Santa has under his desk, please check out Maarten Meerman’s site, Nanotray, for all things wooden, practical or whimsical.

October 21, 2011

Bracelet Helper

I don’t usually wear bracelets. Maybe the reason for that is because I don’t have one of these:

This idea came to me from Maarten Meerman, who is as happily busy in his workshop as Santa’s elves are in theirs. Not only does he artfully make mini miniatures which are show-cased on his blog, but he has also made many useful, hand-friendly items, of which I’ve been the beneficiary.

Here is something I was able to make by myself, thanks to the very clear directions that Maarten graciously provided.  No power tools required, by the way.

  1. Get a wooden paint stirrer, ruler or other longish piece of flat wood.
  2. Duct tape a clothes peg with the pincher-edge of the clothes peg in line with the edge of the wood. (See illustration.) Maarten used a clothes peg rather than the typical croc clip used in standard bracelet helpers, so that stiff thumbs can more easily manage the squeeze.
  3. Easily grasp the stick with the hand on which the bracelet is to be secured.
  4. Firmly hold one end of the bracelet in place, while you do up the clasp with the other hand.

Try it and see if it helps make your life a little more bejewelled! 🙂

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