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August 3, 2017

#530 – What to Do at the Beach When You Have RA #2

Maybe you don’t like to be in the water (gasp!), but you can be on the water. You may want to give kayaking a go. If the sit-in kayaks are too difficult for you, you may wish to try the sit-on type, like I recently did.


Ready for a paddle?

Initially, I had help lowering me down onto the kayak, then being pushed away from the shore. I discovered that I could do it myself by pushing the kayak into thigh-deep water. I then sat on the edge and reached for the far side with one hand, while pivoting onto the seat. Yes, I did get a wet bum, but then, that’s part of the fun.

I noticed a change with a few days of paddling. My shorts were looser in the waist and I felt stronger throughout my trunk. I wan’t doing hours of paddling either. I’d consider buying one if I didn’t have to put it on the rough in order to transport it. That’s beyond my capabilities. I need to win that lottery (I rarely buy tickets for), in order to have beach-front property! *Dreaming*

Which brings me to an important stress addressing tip. Recall the feelings you had while doing experiences you love (like kayaking on a beautiful lake), in order to bring about a change in your stress level. Notice what happens while you relive your joy/excitement/love. (I offer coaching to help you dive deeper into the techniques.)

Chico makes a fine mast-head, don’t you think?


Kayaking doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. My sister and I enjoyed a few “Race you!” times, as well, as just some float-and-chat times. A fine combination, indeed.



As always, stay safe. Know your limits and capabilities. Watch the weather.

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