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November 5, 2013

#489 – Sleep Secrets from a High Maintenance Sleeper

My sleep quality has improved, thanks to the consistent practise of the stress techniques and tools I use, both in my work with clients and in my own daily habits.

Stress is a sleep thief. When you consider that you may have forgotten about the stressful event that occurred earlier in the day, your body has not. It takes time to process those chemicals. Cortisol, which has been known to interrupt sleep, can stay in the body for up to thirteen hours, if you don’t know how to neutralize its effects. That’s assuming you don’t continue to stress. Remember that when you are soaking in negative thoughts and emotions, you are potentially adding to that stock-pile of cortisol. Something those of us with chronic conditions do not need. (Ask your doctor if stress exacerbates your condition. It did mine – that’s why I became Auntie Stress.)

Chronic pain can set up a keep-you-awake cycle that lasts long after the pain has gone.

Developing a sleep hygiene regimen is as important as flossing and brushing your teeth before bedtime. The guidelines I use include having a cool, quiet and dark room. No television or electronics allowed, apart from a regular phone and my alarm clock, which only sheds light when I depress a button.

By my admission, I am a high maintenance sleeper; I like to set up my sleep conditions in my favour. To help me achieve that, here is a simple, effective trick I use:

wrapping paper roll

Can you tell what it is? It’s a tube from wrapping paper. It rolls away whenever the door is opened from either side.

A better option would be to use some of that plumber’s pipe insulation foam. I’m planning on getting a longer piece of this:

plumber's pipe insulation foam

Finally, Have You Considered a ‘Sleep Divorce’?

What are your sleep secrets?

July 12, 2012

Beat Heat to Sleep

On a CBC radio call-in show they were discussing strategies on how best to beat the heat when temperatures and tempers soared.

One caller suggested  putting your pillow into the freezer an hour prior to bedtime.

I adapted his suggestion by placing several ice-packs into my pillowcase.

It’s amazing how quickly that heat-induced, prickly feeling dissipates.

November 14, 2011

Perchance To Sleep

Sleep is invaluable.

You know how much you need in order to feel good the next day.

If you have a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, your sleep quality is often affected by painful and achy joints. Stress is another factor that robs you of a good sleep. Unfortunately, the poor pattern of restless sleep can linger with you like a nightmare that you just can’t seem to  shake.

Three things that work for me:

  1. Giving myself time to rest throughout the day.
  2. Learning and practising stress techniques.
  3. Setting up the scene for a good sleep, which also includes a dark, quiet and comfortable bedroom.

Perchance, you’ll try these tips. Perchance, you’ll sleep. Perchance, you’ll dream.

You know how contagious a yawn is. Well, perhaps watching these sleeping beings will be enough to send you into The Land of Slumber.

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November 10, 2011

Goldilocks – Marianna-Style

Whenever I travel, I ask for a room with two beds.

I may not have long golden locks, but I do look for a bed that is “Just right!”

Those hotel beds often have a “divot” on the side that is most frequently used, making for a less-than-ideal sleep.

I prefer a firm mattress – one that provides the support I need so that I don’t awaken feeling as if I’ve been moulded into the shape of the mattress.

With a choice of two beds, the chance of finding one that is just right for the night is doubled. Goldilocks or not, those are odds I like.

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