Why 365+ tips?

Efficiency. Ease. Comfort.

Life with a debilitating and chronic disease presents challenges that make those three words sound like they are spoken in a foreign language. Everyday tasks, that many take for granted, can prove to be painful and frustrating, not only draining your energy, but making your world smaller. Every day, a new challenge can present itself.

By the time the idea for this blog came to me, I had been living with rheumatoid arthritis for thirty-three years.  (I can hardly believe that it’s now thirty-five years!) During that time, activities I once loved have slowly paraded off into the distance. I stopped doing the work I trained for because it required energy and physicality. Getting through a full work day was impeded by my decreasing mobility and the progression of this chronic disease.

My experience of surgeries, hospitals, labs and doctors’ offices adds up to quite the encyclopedia of patience. Necessity makes a good, if not reluctant, teacher. 

With hindsight, I’ve been a collector of the alternative since my teenaged years, when my first experience with pain meant I had to find a different way of coping.

Now, in A Rheumful of Tips, I am sharing with you – one day at a time – a lifetime’s worth of coping skills, tips and initiatives to make life more manageable and as a result, more enjoyable!

Since the earthquake, I’ve been stirred—not shaken—into adding to this blog. I have Healthline.com and Kathrin Hardie to thank for their encouragement. Once again. never say never. 🙂


9 Responses to “Why 365+ tips?”

  1. Great blog as usual Marianna! I especially liked the little story about Peace and the one more snowflake that made all the difference.

    Reminds me of Dr. Seus’ “Horton Hears a Who”, when it’s discovered one little boy is the only one not making a noise that’s much needed to save his world. His one little voice makes all the difference.

    Like the snowflakes story, it makes a great analogy for our own world. Maybe a good part of our inner stress/outer illness comes from a misguided belief that each of us, as “only” one person, can’t do much to bring our rather disjointed world back into some form of alignment.

    Maybe our world needs a good chiropractic adjustment to get “the flow” going again. 8)

    Maybe we need to re-learn that more “only us’s” doing even very small things every day can quickly add up to a lot of larger, better things to make this a more peacful planet.

    • Nancy,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write.

      I think we all know these things … remembering them through the wonderful analogies, stories and comments, such as yours, help bring our world back into balance.

  2. I love reading your blog, but I have been unable to read the last one posted on January 7th.#497 Named Dear Doctor. Is there a problem with your site or did you just pull the blog entry?


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